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Optimize your supply chain strategy by working with a company that provides a complete solution. It also means you can take advantage of current, newer technologies to find better solutions for your application.

A wider range, even in more polluted environments, to meet your needs for visual control or maintenance-free. Due to the close relationship with customers, we understand their needs very well and can provide more appropriate solutions.

We are committed to finding better solutions for your applications and always maintaining a better position in developing new technologies for body bearings.

Located at the forefront of technological innovation, committed to providing many technologies and a wider range of solutions. The engineering team is able to design and develop a wide range of products: from self-lubricating to elastomeric products, steel-on-steel, ceramic and lightweight bearings, and provide more effective solutions for your application.

This enables us to provide pre-assembled components such as airframe structural units based on composite technology and integrated bearing solutions, as well as simultaneous integration and engineering solutions, as well as integration and engineering solutions for bearings and tie rods.

Reduced weight, increased power, longer life and less maintenance, all with sustainability at its core. By providing these performance features to your customers, we make the future more sustainable.

Focus on the field of brand bearings

Provide customers with a full range of quality services