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Provides a wide range of aerospace solutions, including bearings, seals, tie rods, struts, precision elastomeric equipment and fly-by-wire equipment for airframes, aircraft engines and gearboxes.

Provide services to various customers in the aerospace industry and support them in the development of new projects. We also provide our major customers, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) companies, with reliable spare parts, full overhaul services, and high-performance alloy steels for aerospace applications.

With many years of experience in aerospace, we provide you with the most innovative solutions.


The growing demands of modern agriculture

Size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make each farm unique. Farm equipment needs to operate in many similar challenging conditions. There was mud, dust and debris everywhere. Temperatures are extremely hot and cold. Rain washes. Sometimes corrosive chemicals are also included. After being idle for a long time, high-intensity operation is required. Rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations only compound the problem.

Agricultural solutions can meet these needs

We understand the needs of modern farmers. Together we visit their fields and discuss the challenges and concerns they face. We work closely with OEMs to develop solutions to real-world problems and then test them on working farms to see if they work.

Agricultural Solutions develops a range of solutions and services to help OEMs and farmers meet the growing needs of an ever-changing industry. Whatever the product, from complex combinations to specialized accessories, agricultural solutions offer several advantages.

Benefits to OEMs; Integrated, pre-assembled solutions; More rugged and durable design; Reduce product time to market; Simplified assembly; Provide differentiated products; Reduce warranty costs; End user benefits; lower cost per hectare; reduced maintenance; Extend equipment service life; Reduce fuel and grease usage; greater levels of automation and sophistication; Equipment working capacity is higher; Improved safety and comfort.


Simplify complex functions

Manufacturers around the world face increasing challenges including cost control, productivity, quality and environmental sustainability, along with demands for flexibility, product customization and faster time to market. Growing. Solutions increasingly rely on robotics and machine automation. Provide solutions to improve reliability and performance for OEM customers of production machinery and equipment.

Advantages of automation

Machine automation solves many of the bottlenecks and problems of traditional manufacturing processes, while also using new ideas to meet customer needs and business requirements.

Increase productivity

Automated mechatronic machines generally require less maintenance, while installation is quicker and the machine's output control is better. thereby increasing productivity.

More flexibility

Mechatronic automatic machines are installed automatically and can modify parameters, making it easier to meet the changing needs of customers.

Better quality control

Improved control over machine functions means a more stable process and a more consistent product. In addition, since working condition monitoring is also automated, information is immediately transmitted to the fine-tuning process to detect missing functions, thus minimizing inspection time.

Environmental advantages

Automation helps conserve resources and allows companies to meet environmental standards. By reducing friction, energy is saved. Less oil and grease are required, significantly reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of. In addition, the machine operates silently, reducing noise pollution.

Cars And Light Trucks

Achieve greater energy efficiency

Driven by increasing environmental awareness and increasingly stringent emission regulations, the automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. Computer technology has been incorporated into the control and monitoring devices of many vehicle systems. New automotive-specific materials, such as light alloys, are gradually being used in the production of mainstream cars, and new technologies are also enabling further reductions in emissions.

For those involved in construction vehicles and automotive systems, these and other changes present promising possibilities and difficult challenges. Because there's years of application expertise in the automotive industry to back it up.

Products with lower CO2 emissions are available

Today, a complete portfolio of product solutions and services is available to help reduce CO2 emissions, from individual bearings and seals to sensor bearings and complete powertrain solutions. Software is also available to calculate CO2 emissions for existing and future powertrain concepts.

No matter what challenge you face, we can help you develop the next generation of low-friction, lightweight solutions to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and win in a rapidly changing market competition.


Harsh operating and market environment

Regardless of design or application, industrial compressors are often subjected to harsh operating conditions. Today, market and regulatory conditions have become equally difficult.

Growing global demand promotes global production and competition. Rising energy prices and increasingly stringent government regulations are incentivizing the development of more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment. And end-users everywhere are looking for general contracting products and total support solutions.

Compressor Solutions Can Help

As a supplier of bearings and engineered solutions for the compressor industry, we have been helping original equipment manufacturers and operators meet these and other performance challenges for many years.

In close cooperation with multiple manufacturers, a variety of high-quality solutions are available that make the production and operation of compressors stronger, safer and more energy efficient.


Performance under pressure

In addition to being subjected to heavy loads and harsh environments, construction equipment is also under pressure to maintain high productivity and low downtime. As a result, equipment manufacturers are under pressure to improve product performance and functionality to comply with emissions regulations while achieving price advantages.

Building Solutions can help

In the search for more competitive solutions, equipment manufacturers of all types seek help. Supported by in-depth engineering vehicle application experience and complete products and solutions, we can provide comprehensive optimization solutions.

From highly adaptable custom solutions to actual off-the-shelf products, the solutions offered bring performance advantages to the next generation of construction equipment:

Reduce fuel consumption; Reduce environmental impact; Extend equipment service intervals; Improve machine health and asset management; Enhanced ergonomics and operating comfort.

Electric Motors

Provide products and solutions, and provide comprehensive technical consulting support services. Over the years, we have carefully studied the needs of each industry, from automobile manufacturing to aviation manufacturing, from heavy industry to consumer goods industry, accumulated rich professional experience, and applied it to practical solutions, committed to achieving exquisite products. , excellent performance.

The commitment to service quality is reflected in every aspect of the service process. From the research of new solutions to product after-sales service, we always provide a higher level of professional experience, solution quality, and customer service, covering the entire process from design concept to final application.

Food And Beverage

Food and drink, a new perspective

Food and beverage processors and OEMs continue to face pressure to optimize production, reduce costs and comply with health, safety and environmental regulations, and they are turning to new technologies to address these business challenges.

Home Appliances

Learn about your needs for:

low noise; Silent operation; long life; high quality; energy saving; reduce friction; save space.

At the heart of the answer is home appliance solutions

Provide products and solutions, and provide comprehensive technical consulting support services. Over the years, we have carefully studied the needs of each industry, from automobile manufacturing to aviation manufacturing, from heavy industry to consumer goods industry, accumulated rich professional experience, and applied it to practical solutions, committed to achieving exquisite products. , excellent performance.

The commitment to service quality is reflected in every aspect of the service process. From the research of new solutions to product after-sales service, we always provide a higher level of professional experience, solution quality, and customer service, covering the entire process from design concept to final application.

Industrial Fans Blowers

Cycling Challenge

Bearings in industrial fans operate at high speeds and relatively light radial loads. These bearings may also operate in extreme high or low temperature conditions or in locations where maintenance is difficult. Air flow is often used to transport materials. Over time, material will accumulate on the impeller, causing imbalance and even reducing the uptime and service life of the fan.

Industrial fan solutions can help

The challenges of these operating conditions place high performance demands on wind turbine bearing configurations. Industrial fan solutions solve these problems. Based on extensive field experience, a range of solutions for industrial fans and HVAC systems has been developed. These solutions enable cost-effective and trouble-free operation.

Industrial Pumps

Challenges of modern pumping systems

In modern society, whether you are transforming municipal water supplies, extracting oil from the seabed, or siphoning corrosive liquids in chemical plants, you need reliable and efficient pumping systems.

What this means for today’s industrial pump operators is the need to find ways to comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation while reducing total cost of ownership. This also creates challenges for pump manufacturers to extend maintenance intervals and optimize energy consumption throughout the life cycle of the pump, as energy consumption accounts for 45% of the total cost of ownership of a pump.

Industrial Pump Solutions Can Help

As a bearing product provider and engineering solution provider in the pump manufacturing industry, we work closely with various manufacturers. We provide you with everything from innovative engineering services for the design process to monitoring systems for reliable remote operation in hard-to-reach places.

Industrial Transmissions

Industrial drives, a wide range of conditions and requirements

Gear units and transmission systems operate in almost every industrial process and are available in every possible shape and size, so they face an extremely wide range of operating requirements and conditions. But regardless of the industry or application, all industrial drives face a common challenge: they must operate as reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Industrial gearbox solutions meet these requirements

It can help manufacturers and users find ways to optimize transmission performance and reliability. By using a systems approach, we can help you unlock the full potential of your gear units and improve performance and reliability in several ways:

high torque; Reduced size design; long lasting; Obtain 100% operational reliability; Improve energy efficiency.

Machine Tool

Bearing systems for improved performance

Machine tool performance plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and product quality. Today's machine tool customers are looking for manufacturers that can meet their high-performance requirements. To remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to provide high-speed and sophisticated machines and solutions.

Customers have equally high demands for more reliable, energy-efficient machines and components. Operators want low-maintenance products with low environmental impact to further reduce operating costs and achieve profitability through this.

Machine Tool Solutions Can Help

For many years, as a close bearing product provider and solution provider for the machine tool industry, we understand the technical and business challenges faced by our customers and can also see their opportunities. Provide better products and solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

Our in-depth knowledge of bearings and units, lubrication systems, seals, mechatronics and services helps machine tool manufacturers provide products and solutions that:

Low life cycle cost; Improve machine speed and precision; Increase uptime and improve productivity; Extended service life; extended warranty; reduced maintenance; Improve energy efficiency; Reduce environmental impact.


Complete solution portfolio for ships

Whether it's shipbuilding or fleet maintenance, business can get complicated, but it doesn't have to get complicated.

Marine Solutions offers a complete portfolio of high-quality components, including trusted products and services, and solutions. The engineers and technical team of Marine Industry Solutions are ready to cooperate with you in service, consulting, maintenance and other aspects. If your business is complex enough and you are ready to simplify your business processes, please contact us.

Material Handling

Transport more materials at lower costs

Conveyors, cranes in ports, people walking down escalators, in the material transport business the key is to move large quantities of goods profitably and efficiently, and that also includes carrying people around the city. To help manufacturers and operators achieve these goals, a wide range of products and services are available:

Special bearings and solutions for heavy- and medium-duty conveyors; Special bearings and solutions for crane applications; Special bearings and solutions for elevators and escalators.

Backed by experience and extensive knowledge in these industries, we help keep our customers' material handling equipment operating as efficiently as possible. Solutions range from bearings, seals and lubrication systems to asset management services, all designed to help you improve stability and productivity.

Medical Health Care

Growing market challenges

Aging, an increasingly obese population, rising costs and falling health care spending, a shift from disease detection to prevention, and the consolidation of hospitals into large networks.

Faced with such challenges, new equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat faster, safer, and more reliably while improving comfort for patients and operators. OEMs need solution providers who can provide higher quality components and engineering expertise to bring new equipment to market.


Harsh conditions and fierce competition

Few industries can compare with the harsh working conditions in steel and other metal plants. Temperature and speed limits. Heavy and continuous impact loads. Grinding dust, corrosive chemicals and high humidity. The combination of these conditions can degrade equipment, cause unplanned downtime, and make effective maintenance difficult even in good conditions.

Current steel mills also face intense global competition and environmental scrutiny. profit? The need to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability has never been greater.

Metallurgical Solutions can help

Expertise in bearings and bearing units, seals, lubrication systems, mechatronics and service provides unique system solutions for upstream and downstream applications.

The tools and techniques provided include life cycle management, an effective method of reducing total costs for every stage of equipment, from technical parameters and design to operation and maintenance. Solutions are provided to help factories:

Increase production; Reduce unplanned downtime; Reduce operating costs; improve product quality; reduced maintenance; Reduce environmental impact; Improve production safety; Equipment upgrades.

Mining Mineral Processing Cement

Mining, mineral processing and cement industries, harsh working conditions and market conditions

Heavy loads. Wear debris and dirt. Extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions. These conditions make it difficult and even dangerous to keep machines running in mining and cement plants. The risk of worker injury and unplanned downtime is always present.

In addition, although global demand for metal ores, cement, and coal is increasing, high costs and strict regulations force the need to reduce energy consumption.

Mining and mineral processing solutions can help

Providing high-quality products and solution services to help reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment at every stage, from technical specifications and design to operation and maintenance, is a mature management method. Solutions provided to assist mining and mineral processing operations:

Improve productivity and profitability; Improve worker safety; Reduce environmental impact; Reduce energy consumption; Reduce unplanned downtime.

Ocean Energy

The key is to become more competitive

For the long-term viability of the ocean energy sector, it is absolutely critical to reduce the cost of energy (COE) to production levels in line with offshore wind and other traditional generation methods.

Ocean energy solutions to overcome ocean energy challenges

Providing solutions with many years of experience in handling the global wind, marine, hydropower, offshore oil and offshore gas production industries. The technical knowledge and innovative technologies gained from these synergistic industries are now being used to address ocean energy challenges.

Solution Services, working with prototype developers and component suppliers, aims to provide reliable design and ensure the rationality of solutions for these challenges at an early stage. Helps ensure they meet future availability and capacity targets.

It also helps to expand maintenance strategies and take maintainability into consideration, recognizing that ocean energy extraction equipment has to operate in harsh and inaccessible environments.

Oil Gas

Challenge upstream, midstream and downstream

Oil and Gas Global demand for oil and gas is expected to grow by 30% over the next 20 years. Although restricted by the fiercely competitive market and labor conditions and laws and regulations, industry competition focuses on seeking upstream new energy sources and improving midstream and downstream efficiency.

Oil & Gas Solutions Can Help

Whether customers focus on exploration and development, transportation, storage, or processing and refining, we have the tools and technologies to help customers achieve their goals.

Combining bearings, seals, lubrication and service expertise with many years of industry experience, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help customers:

Increase production; reduced maintenance; Extend equipment service life; Reduce energy consumption; cut costs.

Portable Power Tools

Longer working life, smaller motor size, no need for relubrication, low vibration, energy saving, light weight and low heat generation are all features of power tools that can be reflected in the full range of bearing solutions.

Special materials, special heat treatments, a series of special seals and life theory, these indicate ways to extend the service life of bearings indefinitely and are the main tools for maximizing the optimization of your application equipment.

Power tool bearings for special requirements are also available: Ceramic ball bearings for higher speed and linear motion products are available. Making your goals our goals by providing solutions to meet your needs.

The introduction of synchronous engineering allows you to have an open understanding of the entire solution process and the application areas of the power tool industry, thereby helping customers develop new products faster.

Power Generation

Bringing better process efficiency and reliability

For today's power plants, efficiency and reliability are keys to success. To achieve this goal, coal and combined cycle power plants are looking for ways to optimize output, regardless of increased fuel and maintenance costs, reduced manpower and tougher regulations.

Older plants are constrained by aging equipment and fewer senior staff. Newer power plants require technology sharing to minimize labor without posing a risk to plant assets or personnel.

Power generation solutions can help

With many years of expertise in rotating equipment, we have a history of supporting equipment performance and reliability in power plants. Today, we also provide a variety of comprehensive solutions to help factories:

Increase production; Optimize maintenance; Extended service life; Improve safety; Reduce operating costs.

Pulp Paper

Meeting the needs of a challenging industry

Market forces and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements make it more difficult than ever for pulp, paper and paper converting operations to be profitable.

Competition is fierce and increasingly global.

Energy and feedstock costs remain high and rising, as do the costs associated with new health, safety and environmental legislation.

Paper mills are under unprecedented pressure to focus on process efficiency, machine reliability and all other factors that impact plant productivity and profitability, from training to information technology.

Pulp and paper solutions provide improved production efficiency and profitability.

By combining expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication, mechatronics and services with many years of experience in pulping solutions and paper industry solutions, we provide paper mills with a range of solutions that boost production and reduce maintenance needs plan.

Offering solutions ranging from specialist bearings and seals to condition monitoring technology, maintenance tools, expert consultation and bonded reliability services, they help:

Increase production; Reduce downtime; Reduce maintenance costs; Reduce energy consumption and consumable loss; Improve worker safety; Upgrade or optimize equipment; Minimize capital expenditures.


The history of motor racing is nearly a century old. There are few environments that offer a more intense and demanding testing environment than top-level motorsport. Provides engineering solutions to motorsport customers and equipment manufacturers. Motorsport can be an instant test bed for checking out new designs, technologies and ideas. The racing solutions provided are solutions manufacturers in the competitive sports market such as motor racing and have developed numerous customized projects for demanding application scenarios. From automotive roller bearings in the early 20th century to today's highly complex WRC Grand Prix and F1 Grand Prix, we have been committed to technical research on roller bearing rotation.



The roller skating solutions provided, the various bearings are carefully designed to meet the requirements of all types of skaters, and all bearings provided are high quality products. We never compromise on quality. Durability, protection and low friction are important for every roller skate performance.

To provide solutions, engineers are not only bearing experts, they also have in-depth research on the industries for which the products are applicable. Engineers understand the special needs of these industries and the role of bearings in these areas. This is where rich professional experience can be applied to the roller skating market, providing this market with a full range of deep groove ball bearings to meet every need from daily leisure roller skating to professional roller skating competitions.

Trucks Trailers Buses

Do you want to improve your reliability, sustainability and profitability?

With fuel costs, road tolls, driver and skilled technician wages rising, fleet owners know that to stay profitable they need to find ways to improve efficiency in every area of their operation. Fleet operators’ need to increase fleet uptime and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) presents both a challenge and an opportunity for manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses. By helping vehicle owners and operators solve key issues such as reliability, efficiency and safety, solution providers in the transmission field can establish market leadership and win customer loyalty and success.

Two Three Wheelers

Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with the power of knowledge engineering.

Expertise in the fields of bearings and bearing units, sealing technology, lubrication, mechatronics and dynamic modeling software enables engineers to provide a range of practical and profitable application solutions. Helping various manufacturers and first-tier suppliers achieve the following goals:

Reduce total cost of ownership; Reduce CO2 emissions; Improve fuel economy; Improve safety and comfort; Simplified assembly; Reduce time to market; Reduce component weight.

Wind Energy

Improving wind turbine performance and profitability

We are designing and developing more cost-effective comprehensive solutions, including but not limited to: bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems and lubrication systems, etc.

Engineers work with original equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators to provide specialized solutions that optimize the reliability and performance of new and existing wind turbine designs.

Advantages of wind energy solutions

Wind turbine solutions can benefit both turbine manufacturers and wind farm owners:

increase production capacity; Improve wind turbine performance and reliability; Reduce operating and maintenance costs; Reduce lubricant consumption; Reduce environmental impact; Reduce energy losses; Reduce warranty claims; Reduce time to market; customized solutions; Parts can be sourced globally.

Focus on the field of brand bearings

Provide customers with a full range of quality services