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Views: 51 Date: 2023-12-30 16:20:40 Author: Website Administrator From: Japan GAL Bearing Co., Ltd

In view of the rising steel demand and competition, steel mills are now looking for ways to optimize agents and save costs per ton of steel. This is a significant challenge given the harsh environment in which materials are transported in factories.

Upstream solutions help factories convert raw materials into molten steel, making the process more stable, more cost-effective, of higher quality, and with greater operational safety and reliability.

Given the rising steel demand and competition, continuous casting lines are under tremendous pressure to optimize castings and save metric ton costs. Many steelmakers try to differentiate themselves by improving process control, improving product quality, and representing newer and higher steel grades.

During operation, continuous casting lines face a series of conditions that make process and product improvements difficult. Frequent and expensive shutdowns for maintenance are unavoidable because water, mold powder and scale can enter the bearing housing.

Drawing on decades of experience in the industry, solutions help customers reduce maintenance costs, enhance process control and increase casting rates on continuous casting lines.

Hot and cold rolling mills are under pressure to increase output while maintaining and improving product quality. This often means adjusting the equipment to accommodate heavier loads or reconfiguring the rolling mill stands, an expensive proposition.

In both cases, process control characteristics make the operating conditions and maintenance requirements of the bearing arrangement more severe. Operational safety and environmental legislation add to the challenge.

As a long-term partner of metallurgical agents in various places, Shandong Hafnium Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides agents with different tools and technologies. Solutions help rolling mills improve process control, upgrade existing equipment, reduce overall costs and meet new environmental demands.

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